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About Us GMA Holding

GREEN MOTA AIN Unip.Lda founded in 2006 and open services for public in October 2007, base on the decision of TurismoComercio MINIST√ČRIO DOMESTICO DE TIMOR LESTE N0. LPA 04,169 / MTCI / XI TH 2008. GREEN FATU HADA is a company that specializes in GENERAL TRADING AND SUPPLIER. The GREEN MOTA AIN company is dedicated highly to specialize in general trading and supplier, it has the ability to provide the best services at all elements of society, government and industry in Timor-Leste.


Our Division

Division Marketing

Division Consultant

Electrical Mechanics

Warehousing and Equipment Division

Financial and Management Division


Company Development

After the company was founded in 2006, the company’s internal and external progress and development


Internally to increase human resources well enough to gradually provide suitable training areas and have expertise in the provision of supporting equipment (Supplies Office) both hardware and software that produce a good job and be accountability



Doing partnership with general trading companies in Indonesia and within their own country.
Such as;

  • PT Voksel Electric Tbk.
  • PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk
  • PT Bumi Agung Perkasa Indah (Hot Dep)
  • PT. MARINA ROTAL PRATAMA, it is MERATUS Shipping Agency
  • Special Customer Member in CV. DUTA PRAMA
  • Smart Media Computer
  • AKLI Surabaya
  • AKLI Jakarta

Our Gallery

Timor Leste

RUA : Pria Dos Coqeiros
Fatu Hada
Dom Alexio Dili




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